Submitting Engraving Information:

Please send all engraving information to Include in the subject line your order # and name/organization.

Text Information

We require all engraving information to be submitted via email in an editable format. We do not accept scanned images or PDFs. You must send your engraving information typed. We do not proofread your engraving. We enter it as it is provided. It is important for you to submit your engraving without errors. It is very important to catch any and all errors during the proof process. We prefer all engraving submitted via Word document and/or Excel document. On simple orders, typing the text into the body of an email is acceptable.

For help with wording please download this PDF document:

Word Document: Example Document Download Here

Artwork Information

Attach your artwork to the email. We do not accept artwork stored in Word or Excel documents. The artwork must be in it's own file. We will not open an EXE files or ZIP files. If the file is too large to send via email, please ask for FTP login information. **We are not responsible for verifying you have legal permission to use the artwork provided.**

There is a chance the file you attach will not be suitable for engraving as provided. We will let you know if that is the case and give you a chance to either provide a different version, opt for us to fix the artwork for an additional charge, or simply omit the artwork. A seperate invoice or refund will be applied if required. To learn more about this process please read the following webpage: Understanding Web Artwork